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Derek Du Toit ~ Franchisee, Gauteng

Assisted Home Nursing was established in 2007 by Derek du Toit, the Founder, to provide home-based elderly care so that people could stay in their homes, which is often the most comfortable and most therapeutic environment.

Home-based care, also called “caregiving” or “assisted living for seniors,” is a safe, personal and comforting alternative to nursing homes. Our services enable the elderly to retain an optimum degree of independence and dignity, thus reducing unnecessary stress for the individual and their family. Derek du Toit identified the need for this vital service 13 years ago. Derek du Toit personally manages areas of Johannesburg, Pretoria and Western Cape.

Our Brand

Most of our clients will leave hospital after having an operation and need someone with them to provide a wide range of care services until they recover and are able to support themselves. Rehabilitation care is a service that allows people to be able to return home rather than being transferred to a residential/nursing home or stay in hospital.

Homecare is one of the biggest growth sectors in the world. The market is growing as a result of increasing life expectancy – many of our Senior Citizens now reach the age of 100 and most people wish to remain in their own homes for as long as possible. We have an aging population with an increasing care requirement due to physical problems associated with old age but there is also demand for additional specialist care needs for people with conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s and terminally ill patients.

There is a strong desire from all local authorities, voluntary groups, individuals and families for older people to continue living in their own homes for as long as possible.The key indicators show that demand will increase for care, and supply must increase to meet that demand.

This is a business that revolves around the people. Broadly speaking, our services fall into two categories. These are Home Care services and Supported Living.

In the areas that we work in we are renowned for the quality of the care that we provide. All care companies should aim to deliver good quality care – we aim to deliver excellent quality care! Our care philosophy treats each of our clients as an individual and ensures that we look after their particular needs. Every one of our clients has a care package designed to meet their individual needs and all of our clients contracts are highly personalised.

What our satisfied clients have to say

"Dear Derek,

Thank you so much for all your help and for sending us Hilda.

She was our tower of strength throughout this terrible time. You are truly blessed to have her in your employment.

Her kindness and patience in dealing with my mom was phenomenal. Her skills and professionalism were greatly admired."

Maggie Stewart

"My sister and I were so relieved to speak to you today. Thank you for your wonderful professional and friendly advice and for putting us at ease."


"Hi Derek,

Invoice has been paid.

And yes, Dikeledi is doing a great job, so all seems to be going well at the moment.

Thank you for the follow up."


"That is AMAZING news you don't understand what a relief this is for all of the children (we have been trying to get him to agree to some form of assistance for 2 years now).

I felt really good after our chat and we are really comfortable with this initial arrangement. They will start using you more and more as time goes on (but it is the start that was vital).

Most importantly now that we have specialists that can jump in 24/7 (as you say) if anything serious happens.

It is sincerely appreciated that you have kept me abreast via email and my dad has given me the same feedback - they are both very happy with this."


"Thank you for your support and service during the course of this year.
I cannot express how much I appreciate the service that you offer in today’s society and which goes unappreciated by some quite often. But believe you me, I do appreciate your soft heart and the offering that is extended by servicing the mature people in SA.
Stay blessed over the Christmas period and wish you all the best for 2020 and the next decade."


"That story is one of the reasons I decided that my mom would not go an old age home. My grandmother (Mother's mother) was at Queens Village, and the stuff she had to endure was horrendous at times. Two of my mom's friends are there, and we had a friend there who we visited regularly. My brother's father-in-law was also there, and we visited him regularly as well, and every time we found the place in an excellent condition and both people well cared for. But, even there, she would definitely not get cared for 100% as your staff have done at our house. And if anything goes wrong, she is right here. Don't have to waste precious time getting to her at some remote location.

Nellie and Nicole are real stars too.

Catch you again."

Gerald Swart

"Morning Derek!

Thank you for your flexibility and approach, really appreciate it as it has been difficult to know upfront how Mel would progress. We have the surgeon follow up appointment this Monday as it is 3 months since the accident and are hoping that she can begin walking soon again. As such the lady who helps us twice a week can just pop in as and when needed on the days she is not working and we will then not be needing the carer service, so please do take this as notice thereof.

We are very grateful for the service and kindness that you and Christabel have provided; I will very happily be a reference and recommend AHN to other people who may be in need of this care and service."

Candi Smith

"Good Evening Derek

I hope you are well.

Please could I extend the services of Brenda for my mom for the month of November and possibly, more than likely, December too.

The doctor is battling to get my mom's meds right. She is suffering a lot. The doctor has put her on Cloment with huge side effects. Doctor is hoping to get her off this as soon as possible.

Brenda has been a tremendous help and such a kind and loving companion to my mom. She is amazing. Thank you, I am so grateful for this!

Have a good evening further."

Tracy Daubern

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